Manage your tasks easily with the "Job Tracker 2.0 by Sodexo" app

Dear household assistant,
We have previously let you know that your well known "Job Tracker by Sodexo"-app has been renewed. The problems the app presented at the time is was launched have been completely resolved by now. The renewed app makes it easier to follow up on your daily tasks. Find out what’s new and how you switch to the new app.

What’s new?

  • Easy registration of performances

Performances can henceforth be entered in offline modus as well. You save them in offline modus and your device sends these automatically as soon as it is connected to the internet. Sodexo and your employer will be automatically informed of your performances.

It is important to add the performance on the day itself. The date of the performance actually cannot be changed manually.  

  • History of performances of 3 months

You have an overview of the history of your performances of the last three months. This is also possible in offline modus. Subsequently, you can consult your history at any moment.

  • Client management

Save an overview of your clients and their contact details. Add f.i. a name, phone number and remarks in the app. Your client list from the previous app will not be automatically transferred to the new app. You need to do this manually. As soon as you have entered your clients and everything works fine, you remove the old app. In the new app, your client list has been linked to your profile. This means you can consult the client list at any time on every device. 

  • Immediate check of paper service vouchers

The scan function in the app allows you to scan the paper service voucher in order to check its validity. Leaving with invalid paper service vouchers will be a thing of the past!

How do I download and activate the app?

Download Job Tracker 2.0 By Sodexo via Apple Store or via Google Play Store. The app is not available for Windows Phone.
Be aware: the previous app is only available for a limited period of time – make sure you switch to the new app in time!


home ENG

1. Choose a language 

Choose your language to start with. The available languages are Dutch, French, German and English.
Thereafter, click on the button ‘Continue’.

werkgevers ENG

2. Add an employer

Click on 'Add an employer'.
Your will be redirected to the Sodexo website.

inloggen ENG

3. Log in 

You have received your user name and password upon hiring. These have remained unchanged.

Fantastic, your app has been set up and is ready to use!

Do you fail to log in? Your usual service voucher consultant will sort you out!
Therefore, please send a screen shot of the problem.