Update: Travelling in times of COVID-19

Summer is in full swing. For most people, this means time to go on holiday, although this looks a bit different this year than usual. Whereas many people have opted for a domestic vacation this year, it is again permitted to travel within the borders of the EU since June 15th. Attention: Those who travel abroad are requested to fill out this form upon return. Please inform your office as well if you go on holiday to an orange or red zone.

However, to ensure that the spread of the coronavirus is limited as much as possible, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides specific travel advice per region within the EU. Note: this information is only available in Dutch and French. Travel advice is given in the form of color codes and determine the countries which you may travel to and which measures are needed if you return from a certain country. They are set up on the basis of the information about the different countries available at a given time and can therefore change. For example, it is quite possible that a country has a green color code before you leave, but is assigned a different color code during your stay.

3 color codes

Code red: a formal travel ban applies to areas marked by the code red (f.i. all countries outside the EU). Red zones are areas that are in lockdown or where the risk of contamination is high. If you return form a country with code red, you must have yourself tested (at your own expense) and you must be quarantined for 14 days. Extra information to customers of Agilitas Home Services: Inform your Agilitas agency as soon as possible when you return from an area with code red. In that case, your household assistant is not allowed to clean at your home. Please inform us at least 2 days before the planned assignment. If not, performances will be charged.

Code orange: You can still travel to these zones, provided you are extra vigilant here. A city, district, region or country receives a code orange if 2 to 10 times more virus circulates there than in Belgium. When you return, you should contact a doctor at the slightest symptoms. Quarantine is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Do you have an Agilitas household assistant? In that case, your household assistant can come to work, provided you do not feel ill. Notify your Agilitas agency at the slightest doubt.

Code green: No specific measures are necessary upon return from these areas.

These color-coded risk areas are updated daily. An overview of the risk areas can be found here.

For all countries, of course, the basic rules must always be observed, as well as the rules that apply in the country of destination. It is therefore best to inform yourself about the rules that apply in this country before you go on holiday.

The basic rules:

  • Always keep a distance of 1,5 meter
  • Consult your doctor if you feel ill
  • A mouth mask is mandatory in shops, cinemas, theatre, concert and conference halls, auditoriums, places of worship, courthouses, museums, libraries, public transport, hairdressing salons, bank branches, casinos and beauticians. Wearing a mouth mask is also mandatory when visiting an Agilitas agency.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and water.
  • Do not touch your face with your hands.
  • Blow your nose into a new tissue, throw it into a lockable waste bin and wash your hands.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow cavity or tissue paper and wash your hands afterwards.

Do you travel abroad?

On the basis of the following documents, you can determine what actions you should take upon your return. Click on the document that applies to you.

To further limit the spread of the coronavirus, even when travelling is allowed again, we appeal to the sense of responsibility of everyone. We also ask you to take the necessary precautions wherever you go. Strictly follow the basic rules and the rules that apply abroad and always be vigilant. Only in this way, can you protect yourself and others.

In any case, we wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Kind regards,

The Agilitas team